Swiss Alpina – mineral water from the heart of the Swiss Alps

Our Swiss Alpina mineral water rises up through the Valais Alps. Deep inside the mountains, the water is naturally purified and enriched with minerals, which gives this absolutely natural product its unique flavour.

Our popular classic: Swiss Alpina.

Protected from outside influences, Swiss Alpina spring water filters through the glacier-topped mountains of the Swiss Alps. During its long journey through loose rock and gravel deposits from the last ice age, the water takes on its very own character that can be tasted in every drop.


At the Termen spring in Valais, we take the mineralized water, which is free of any impurities, straight from its natural course and bottle Swiss Alpina on site under strict conditions and standards.

After collecting the water, we remove the iron content – which would otherwise affect the water in terms of both appearance and taste – through a natural process involving ventilation and gravel sand.

The extremely low nitrate content shows just how pure and pollutant-free Swiss Alpina mineral water really is.

The flavour of Swiss Alpina

Swiss Alpina is available as sparkling, lightly sparkling and still mineral water. The flavour ranges from tingling and refreshing to a full, mild mouthfeel with a powerful hint of the minerals within.

Overall mineral content*909 mg/l


199 mg/l


31.2 mg/l


5.4 mg/l


2.5 mg/l


7.8 mg/l


202 mg/l


5.3 mg/l


459 mg/l


0.1 mg/l


<0.1 mg/l

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Certified quality

Awards from independent tests

We check our water and production process by means of strict internal and external inspections. The following institutes have already confirmed the high quality of Pearlwater.

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