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Pearlwater is situated in the municipality of Termen, in Valais

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Pearlwater Mineralquellen 
Division of Coop Cooperative

Unteres z'Matt 2
CH-3912 Termen

E-mail: info@pearlwater.ch 
Tel.: +41 27 928 68 00

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Are you interested in starting up your own mineral water brand?

We can bottle your own mineral water brand for you thanks to our company-owned springs, modern facilities and automated production process. The highly plentiful and top-quality Pearlwater springs give your individual mineral water brand a certain exclusivity.

If you are interested, we would be happy to help:

E-mail: sales@pearlwater.ch 
Tel.: +41 27 928 68 03

Questions and answers relating to our products

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Pearlwater in our FAQs.

Mineral water springs are approved by the canton and are subject to strict regulatory controls. They have a higher content of valuable minerals than tap water, for example.

The mineral water does not undergo chemical treatment and is free from pollutants owing to the natural filtering process. Pearlwater mineral water is tested intensively by means of 25,000 internal and external analyses every year to guarantee the best quality and purity.

In accordance with the Swiss Beverages Ordinance, it must be possible to bottle microbiologically pure natural mineral water at its source and it may therefore contain no pathogens.

As with any natural product, mineral water has its own unique microflora from its source. However, 25,000 analyses are conducted every year to closely check the quality of each product, thus guaranteeing conformity with the Swiss Beverages Ordinance.

Ventilation and silica sand filtration are used to remove the naturally occurring iron from the mineral water. This filtration removes only iron – which would otherwise affect the water in terms of both appearance and taste – thus making it palatable.

No! Natural mineral water is not permitted to undergo any kind of treatment. All of our mineral waters are bottled straight from the spring via our filling line.

We only use mechanical filters to extract the finest sand particles from the spring water. Our mineral waters are not chemically treated, nor are they subjected to UV radiation.

We observe the procedures and rules specified in the Ordinance on Foodstuffs and Utility Articles when bottling all of our mineral waters.

A state-recognized laboratory conducts periodic water tests to check the strictly protected spring water protection zones.

As a result, we can ensure that there are no residues of pesticides, medicinal products or any other environmental factors in our mineral water.

In investigations for these substances, Pearlwater products do not raise any cause for concern. Our products undergo intensive tests, during which we check the level of potentially harmful substances.

Substances such as uranium and arsenic occur naturally in the soil and are absorbed by the water, just like other minerals. Compliance with official limits is the deciding factor here.

Here are the detailed test results for our products from the analyses conducted by Labor Veritas in Zurich:


Swiss Alpina:

  • Arsenic content: <0.5µg/l 
  • FDHA Beverages Ordinance limit: 10 µg/l 
  • Uranium content: 2.1µg/l
  • WHO guide value: <30µg/l
  • EU limit: <15 µg/l



  • Arsenic content: <0.5µg/l
  • FDHA Beverages Ordinance limit: 10 µg/l
  • Uranium content: 1.9µg/l 
  • WHO guide value: <30µg/l
  • EU limit: <15 µg/l


Prix Garantie:

  • Arsenic content: <0.5µg/l 
  • FDHA Beverages Ordinance limit: 10 µg/l


  • Uranium content: 0.2µg/l 
  • WHO guide value: <30µg/l
  • EU limit: <15 µg/l

Pearlwater mineral waters can help to provide your body with important minerals.

You will find precise nutritional information for our mineral waters on the individual product pages.

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