Natural mineral water from the Swiss Alps

Pearlwater has been closely involved with the Termen region in Valais for many years now. As part of Coop Cooperative Switzerland, we produce the Coop own-label brands Swiss Alpina, Aquina and Prix Garantie, as well as Naturaplan flavoured water and various soft drinks, among other things.

SwissMountain Premium Mineral Water

The King of Mineral Waters from the heart of the Swiss Alps

SwissMountain is bottled directly at our spring in Termen.

In fact, the source is very close to the world’s most photographed mountain, the Matterhorn, near the famous resort of Zermatt.

About Pearlwater

Pearlwater bottles around 100 million litres of mineral water and soft drinks every year. The water that forms the basis of all our beverages comes from five unique mineral springs in the Valais Alps.