Aquina – mineral water and soft drinks from Valais

Completely protected from external influences, water from the Aquina spring makes its way underground through the Swiss Alps. Its purity and flavour gives both our Aquina mineral water and our high-quality soft drinks their special character.

Aquina mineral water comes from deep within the Swiss Alps.

The source of our Aquina mineral water lies at the foot of the Aletsch glacier, the longest in the Central Alps. The Aquina water flows along kilometres of mountain channels through underground natural filtration systems, where it is protected from all external influences.

As a result, nature provides us with a water that is free of any pollutants and enriched with important minerals and trace elements.

Short routes, best quality

The mineral water is bottled at the site of the spring, which is surrounded by official spring water protection zones, under strict conditions according to Swiss legislation. Regular internal checks and inspections by the regional authorities guarantee the best quality.

Aquina is available as sparkling or still mineral water. In both varieties, the flavour of Aquina mineral waters is characterized by the natural mineral compounds.

Fruity Aquina soft drinks with spring water from the Valais Alps.

Aquina soft drinks

We only use the purest spring water from the Valais Alps for our Aquina soft drinks, too. Aquina soft drinks are all made using a top-quality recipe and, containing up to 8% fruit juice, have the highest fruit juice content in their price segment.

Aquina soft drinks are available from our partner Transgourmet and Coop Pronto stores in 0.5 and 1.5-litre PET bottles in Citron, Orange and Grapefruit flavours.

Ingredients in Aquina mineral water

Overall mineral content*838 mg/l


174 mg/l


33,5 mg/l


4.4 mg/l


2.8 mg/l


8.5 mg/l


246 mg/l


362 mg/l


0.06 mg/l


6.5 mg/l

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Certified quality

Awards from independent tests

We check our water and production process by means of strict internal and external inspections. The following institutes have already confirmed the high quality of Pearlwater.

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