Naturaplan flavoured water – sustainably-produced, calorie-free refreshment

Refreshing, natural, sugar-free and vegan: our Naturaplan flavoured water, the first lemon-flavoured water to be certified by Bio Suisse, is the perfect calorie-free refreshment flavoured with sun-ripened Sicilian lemons.

Vegan refreshment: Naturaplan flavoured water

Naturaplan is consistently committed to organic farming that meets the most stringent organic standards while focusing on the well-being of people, animals and nature. This makes our Coop Naturaplan Lemonwater the perfect calorie-free refreshment that you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

The simple recipe meets the strict Naturaplan requirements. To ensure that Naturaplan Lemonwater is produced in an environmentally compatible way, we use only the best mineral water from the Swiss Alps, fizzy carbon dioxide, and organic lemon oil and citric acid from sun-ripened Sicilian lemons.

Brand new, with the fresh taste of Peppermint

Organic and vegan

Following a thorough examination of the raw ingredients and the production process, Swissveg confirmed that Naturaplan flavoured water is suitable for vegans. Bio.inspecta certified Pearlwater Mineralquellen for the production and sale of organic beverages.

Naturaplan flavoured water does not contain any sugar or proteins and is fat- and carbohydrate-free.

Certified quality

Awards from independent tests

We check our water and production process by means of strict internal and external inspections. The following institutes have already confirmed the high quality of Pearlwater.

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