About us – what Pearlwater Mineralquellen represents

Pearlwater has been firmly rooted in the Termen region in the Swiss Alps for many years now. Our top priority is sustainable production that takes due account of both people and the environment.

Our responsibility

Pearlwater's headquarters are situated in the Valais Alps

Pearlwater bottles around 100 million litres of mineral water and soft drinks every year. The water that forms the basis of all our beverages comes from five unique mineral springs in the Valais Alps.

We protect the environment around our water sources and secure their water reserves in the long term through targeted measures, such as landscape conservation and regular inspections of the spring water protection zones.

Our environmental and social commitment affects all areas of our business: from transporting our products almost entirely by rail, to optimizations to help us use less packaging material, to our cooperation with charitable organizations.

Thanks to continuous optimization and modernization of our production and monitoring processes combined with our highly trained employees, we are able to guarantee the impeccable quality of our products. Our comprehensive and constantly updated knowledge of water bottling makes us specialists in the beverages industry.

As pure as the nature in the Swiss Alps: Pearlwater

History and character of the Pearlwater springs

The Pearlwater springs are deep in the Alpine rock

As early as 1972, the «Termen» mineral water spring in the town of the same name in Valais underwent chemical testing. At that time, the water tested was deemed to be of high quality, with high magnesium and calcium content, and this has been maintained to this very day – along with the productive output of around 600 litres per minute.

Various activities on the market led to four additional springs being opened up. Pearlwater Mineralquellen opened its most recent spring, «z’Matt», in 2016. Today, the total area of protected spring water zones amounts to approximately 500,000 m2.

Pearlwater has been wholly owned by Coop Cooperative Switzerland since 2011, and bottles «Swiss Alpina», «Aquina», «Prix Garantie» water brands, Naturaplan flavoured water and various soft drinks for Coop.

Certificates and quality seals

Our own quality controls are strict, and we set our standards high. We also have the quality of our mineral waters, soft drinks and production process tested externally. We have already received awards from the following official agencies.

International Featured Food Standard

Pearlwater meets the requirements of the International Featured Standard (IFS Food) to a high level. The IFS inspects quality and food safety standards. Meeting the standard «to a high level» means that the IFS requirements are fulfilled to an extent of 95% or greater.


bio.inspecta certified our products and production process in accordance with the standards of the Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance and Bio Suisse requirements. Our customers can therefore rest assured that all Pearlwater products are produced in a sustainable manner while taking due account of the interests of people, animals and nature.

European Vegetarian Label

Swissveg is a Swiss association which represents the interests of vegetarians and vegans. In 2017, it awarded us the European Vegetarian Label for our Naturaplan flavoured water. This certifies that the flavoured water is suitable for vegans in terms of both the raw materials used and the production process.