Our commitment – dedicated to people and the environment

Pearlwater is firmly committed to the sustainable production of its products and responsible actions. This is why we make various contributions to environmental protection and social interaction.

Our contribution to environmental protection

The majority of Pearlwater's products are transported by rail

Practically carbon-neutral transport

Thanks to close collaboration with Railcare and SBB Cargo, we are able to transport more than 98% of our products by rail. As a result, a substantial proportion of the transportation of Pearlwater products is carbon-neutral.

Recyclable drinks bottles

Pearlwater is a member of PET-Recycling Switzerland and actively supports the recycling of waste PET. Our Swiss Alpina bottles consist of 100% recycling PET, meaning we reuse over 450 tonnes of recycled PET every year.

An organic farm recycles the majority of the waste produced by Pearlwater

Waste recycling

We recycle the majority of the waste we produce, whether cardboard, wood, plastic or scrap metal, at a local organic farm.

Organic material from our soft drinks is even used for biogas production and thus helps to produce electricity.

Social commitment

Pearlwater supports the charitable association

Reducing avoidable food waste

The private association «Table Be Set» collects impeccable foodstuffs before they are disposed of and distributes them to people affected by poverty in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Pearlwater donates beverages that do not go on sale but are otherwise of perfect quality (e.g. overproduction) to the association.

«Table Be Set» observes Swiss food law and ensures that all distributed foodstuffs are safe and edible.

Pearlwater uses the services of the integration workshop

Cooperation with «Atelier Manus»

Pearlwater has collaborated with Atelier Manus for its laundry service for a long time.

The integration workshop offers various services to improve the integration and quality of life for people with disabilities by providing them with work and training opportunities.

Atelier Manus washes and repairs the work clothing of Pearlwater employees.